Things could be good again

@VelezinEnglish believes the hype and sees the light at the end of the tunnel. He also has a lot of time for Thiago Almada.

It's tuesday morning at the office and a Turbowolf song called "Things Could Be Good Again" blasts from the PC speakers. Although the lyrics aren't as optimistic as the title suggests I choose to ignore that fact and feel that this raw, up tempo, full of energy song is somehow fitting, a perfect soundtrack after a night where Vélez took all the three points. It's unbelievable how much difference a Vélez win can do with in my mood. After last game I was complaining that Vélez was generous with the opposition but now those ten days seem like a lifetime ago. I'm pretty sure that every one in Fortín Nation feels like that, because that's the way that fandom is.

First of all, I ranted in the past about the uselessness of opposing teams and this time I have to acknowledge that Aldosivi showed why they are having a good start to the season. They looked like they knew what to do and for a part of the game they were a bit of a handful for El Fortín by pressing high, cutting passing lanes and trying to get attackers in our penalty box. By the end of the first half Vélez started to take over the game and bring danger to that Aldosivi's goalkeeper whose name is composed only by consonants.

I don't like seeing players getting hurt, but what should have been an unfortunante moment from a football point of view ended up being a turning point for a Vélez victory: Robertone's injury made place for Thiago Almada. El Guayo had a huge group of admirers (Some of them prominent) even well before getting into the first team and made the most of this chance announcing his arrival to the main stage in a big way. The teenager looked lively, linking midfield and attack, running at the opposition (Watching him dribble at full speed while the ball is always close to his feet is really impressing) and forging a partnership with El Monito Vargas that eventually proved too hot to handle for Aldosivi's defenders. Suddenly the visitors found themselves against the ropes: Laso and Abram hadgiant Stracqualursi under control, Cufré was pushing forward from the left flank, Giménez and Nico Domínguez were playing chess on grass, Almada was doing his thing, Vargas was getting into dangerous positions and Salinas was a threat in their penalty area. And then the goals came. That Vargas curler was wonderful and a proper vindication for him because despite having some quality touches, El Monito was really struggling lately to make an positive impact on games, including that penalty miss in Córdoba. A Salinas header from an Almada free kick gave Vélez a lead that was definitive as Aldosivi had been broken down by this less forgiving, more ruthless version of Heinzeball.

The injuries to Robertone and Salinas were the only sour note on a game that had a lot of positives for Vélez. Almada might get a start in San Juan and Heinze could also count on Pablo Galdames to fill that spot in midfield vacated by Robertone, while the situation upfront is worrisome: With Salinas sidelined and Ramis already out, Amarilla is next on the depth chart but he showed little if next to nothing in the few minutes he had in the last couple of games to suggest he is a reliable option. Another young player like Nazareno Bazán could have a big chance to break out.

Vélez has a big three match run ahead. If they win all three next games there would be no reason to keep looking at the dreaded table. Furthermore, if this group of talented, young players keeps developing chemistry on the pitch and show these kind of performances consistently, things could be good again.

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