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It´s time to reset expectations according to @VelezinEnglish

It's Carnival here in Argentina. Monday was a non working holiday, there was a new shirt, all the italian stuff (A bit overblown to me) and the idea of the team winning to keep in the hunt for a Copa Libertadores place created led many to believe that they were going to attend a party.

As the game started, there were no signs that it would go the way it went: The team was in total control, playing Heinzeball against a poor Tigre team, bereft of hope and ideas. The superiority was such that at the point the goal Abram scored seemed inevitable. In the second half this team laid a huge egg: a total no show allowed Tigre to take all three points to live another day. It was obvious that this team is not Copa Libertadores-worthy.

Copa Libertadores-worthy teams are consistent in-game and on a game-to-game basis. Win by great margins every once in a while. Don't let games slip at homes against teams that are almost relegated. Keep mental mistakes to a minimum. Don't give away soft goals. Make adjustments when games become adverse. Find ways to win games when the games are rough. At the very least win and kill games when the scenario is favorable to them. Vélez hasn't cracked that code to solve this things and become a great football team instead of a team that can play great football. Stuff that turns teams into Copa Libertadores-worthy.

I know this is a rough indictment of a team I wrote in glowing terms not so long ago. To make a counterpoint, I could write a longform about how far this team and many of its players have come since the season started. But that would be better suited for a year summary and Vélez has some way to go this season. There's Copa Argentina against Real Pilar and four league games to go and try to make it to the Copa Sudamericana. Afterwards there's Copa de la Liga. And that's the point I'd like to make. There's a lot of football to be played and things to be achieved. Except maybe for that Copa Libertadores spot. But right now, there's nothing wrong with this team not being Copa Libertadores-worthy.

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