Happy ending

Other results made amendments for a bad performance in Avellaneda, so @VelezinEnglish tells you to enjoy the moment.

Vélez entered this weekend knowing that a win would grant them a ticket to Copa Sudamericana. In the end, there's no other way to put it: The team wasn't up to it and got the result their performance deserved.

You could easily divide the game in two parts: The first 20 minutes where Vélez gave a very good performance and Independiente was really bad and the other 70 minutes where Independiente slowly grew into the game and by the end had made enough to consider them fair winners. I'd like to have something to say about those dominant 20 minutes, but the other 70 rendered them irrelevant. It feels awkward to find positives: a little bit of Gianetti, the Fernández goal, Bouzat's workrate. But to every point a counterpoint could be made. The lads on the pitch couldn't find a way and it seemed as if the man on the bench didn't try to give them tools: Heinze only made one sub after Monito Vargas was injured when his team was being outplayed, outran and at tactical disadvantage most of the game. Whether if it is because misunderstood the flow of the game or if he didn't trust the choices in the bench, he should take his share of blame anyway.

Fortunately, nothing of this will come back to haunt us. Many others did the job for Vélez and the name of the club will be named along other south american peers in continental competitions. It was highly unlikely since the win against Atlético Tucumán but if Vélez failed to get into Copa Sudamericana, several slips in 2019 would have raised many uncomfortable questions. That's not the case now, so it's pointless to argue about what ifs. However, at some point a proper balance of this last year and a half should be done, taking into account positives and negatives. Right now it's not the moment to do it. Relegation fears were put to rest some time ago and a further step was given by qualifying to Copa Sudamericana. It's time to celebrate this fine achievement.

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