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The league finale was great, and @VelezinEnglish believes there were many reasons to go mental and celebrate

The manner the team punched their ticket to the Sudamericana left me a bitter mouthtaste. In fact I was a bit reluctant to write that we should celebrate despite the bad performance. But the team had the chance to provide a better image and really make it a party in front of the Fortín Nation. It just really felt right. There was one issue though: Lanús came into the Amalfitani with everything to play for. It was a party and a fitting end to the season. In the last game of 2018 the was that felling in the end that the worst was put in the past and now it felt that, despite some rough moments in 2019, the team did one better by qualifying to the Sudamericana and still leaving a small chance to sneak into Libertadores. And like in that Central game there was also a comfortable win to celebrate too.

As I arrived home I turned on the TV and as I was grabbing a cold one, I listened to Zubeldía failing to explain the 4-0 scoreline. I can understand that. The first half was even and not particularly pleasant as Delfino let it become a choppy, feisty contest under his watch (Referees are shit, but his shittiness is in another level). The main reason for that big win is that Vélez had a game unlike any other this season: Vélez wasn't brilliant (not even close), but it was clinical. The team didn't create much, but every shot they took was a quality one, and all of them got in.

Also, it had goals coming from individuals that should have added more goals this season like Bouzat and Salinas. Bouzat scored a hat-trick (Which elevated his total amount of goals this season to four) but he provided his usual workrate in a lopsided system that demanded him a lot of defensive cover from him. If he keeps this massive workrate on defense and keeps scoring at this rate, Vélez has at its hands to the first player who could become worth 1,000,000,000.00.- Euros. OK, that might be a stretch, but it's been great to see a selfless player like him to get the spotlight in a festive night. In the midst of extraordinary things, one player who has had a great level consistently since he returned is Gianetti, no matter he was placed on a back three or a back four, and yesterday was no exception.

We´ll break down the season later as the bizarre Superliga Cup looms, but it's already a succesful one now, so I will cut some slack to the team and to the coaching staff for now. There's a lot of work to be done during the offseason, sort out the Heinze situation, wait to know which international competition we'll play in, see which players will leave and who can come... We'd be better celebrating now and then see.

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