After Lanús, @VelezinEnglish talks about life and his dislike of media (NSFW)

As we go through different stages of life our share of responsibilities increase. The process in which we assume more of them it is usually associated with maturity (Some of us get into adulthood and remain complete morons, but that's another debate). This team had to prove that had matured in this time, it had to block the noise and remain focused on the task at hand. It did so.

The team got the job done. It stepped onto the pitch showing an intention of closing the tie as soon as possible pressing high and playing a direct brand of football. And got rewarded with a goal after 12 minutes when Bouzat hit a long ball to an unmarked Leandro Fernandez who broke clear and slotted the ball past the on-rushing Lanús goalkeeper. Vélez kept their tempo up for another ten minutes, but then ceded control of the game. Before the first half finished, Vélez put up a rare string of passes that finished with a great filtered pass from Robertone and an impudent chip from Bouzat. A sample of positional game at its finest a.k.a. #Heinzeball. Second half had Robertone sent off early and Vélez hanging on for the most of it, but the 2-0 scoreline wouldn't change. I know it wasn't pretty: The team lost in every line of the stat chart (Except goals) but showed focus to take their chances and (mostly) avoid giving Lanús a way back into the tie. There were a lot of good individual performances too. Mature teams do that. Vélez is not there yet and has some way to go, but any progress in that regard is welcome.

The team will need this maturity to play the game rather than the occasion in next stage of this Cup. Now comes Boca, and is probably coming with that former Vélez player who said that who would never wear the shirt of another team in Argentina wearing the shirt of another team in Argentina. Media mercenaries who couldn't give a fuck about Vélez all year long and only care about their own agendas, will feast themselves with all the shit content they now have for their shit shows. They will talk about his return, showing him in a positive light, waxing lyricals about the strength of his personality and predicting how much he will grow in the face of "adversity" while telling Fortín Nation how we should be supposed to feel about him, giving us moral lessons from their dirty HD pulpits and painting us as a bunch of hysterical thankless savages. Fuck them. As fans, we have to keep ignoring these cunts the same way they ignore us all year round. Of course we have to do some catharsis and show this guy that we feel betrayed and his decision wasn't nor will be forgiven booing and whistling and yelling him as much as we can. But as I said before it's not about him, it's about Vélez and we also have to save that energy to get the Amalfitani rocking on Sunday and lift our lads who now defend our badge. The team could do with a bit of our maturity too.

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